Hello bloggers.

I’ve been dying to share these images with you all and now that new blog is live and today is the first day of school, today is the perfect day!  Nathalie and her mom came to our studio looking for “different” quince pictures.  After plenty of planning, lots of anticipation, and some French lessons, this is what we got.

Angie and I cannot thank Nathalie and her mom Dianelys enough for giving us such an amazing opportunity to capture these pictures in one of our favorite places in the world

Enjoy these images

I love the photo Angie took below from a different angle.

After we took plenty of pictures with that gorgeous red dress, we hit the area around The Sacre Coeur for some more urban type pictures.

This has been one of our favorite experiences, partly because the strong bond we created with both Nathalie and Dianelys.  We can’t wait to create the final album–it’s going to be like no other one I have ever worked on.