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Today I bring you some shots from Mayleen and Ronald’s beautiful wedding. A few details: Makeup: Hilda Blacker, Bride’s Maids hair and makeup, Karla Lola, Videography: Diego Pocovi, DJ: DJ Ubi. Engagement Pictures: Click here to view.

Here are some of the shots…

00011.jpg 0043.jpg


Here are the boys…


I love this shot from the top at Little Flower





True moment below, we didn’t stage that…



We certainly staged these two shots and almost got in trouble, but oh well…. too late.


Some details…


The first dance….


They dedicated a song to her mom and we caught this tender moment when they did that….


And a few shots during the dinner…

0444.jpg 0541.jpg

There are plenty more shots, but as always we only show a few here. More soon…

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18 Responses to “Mayleen and Ronald are hitched — Congrats”

  1. Mayleen Says:
    Ay ya yay Alain….WOW!!! You have left me speechless. There are no words that can possibly describe what I feel when I look at our pictures. You truly captured every single detail and emotion of our wedding day. It is incredible how we can relive every single feeling and thought, of the most important day of our lives, just by looking at a photograph. I can NOT contain myself, I am so moved by your work, that I will be eternally greatful to you. Because of you and your crew, my kids and grandkids will be able to capture our true love and emotions within these photographs and that is priceless.



    Your Amazing Models,

    Mayleen and Ronald :)

  2. Jennie Franco Says:
    Maythe pix are BEAUTIFUL. Alain had a great canvas with you two…..I knew he would do an incredible job. I cant wait to see the album.

    LOVE You

  3. Barby Says:
    Ahhhh….I absolutely loved them. I had tears in my eyes.It was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. Best wishes always.



  4. Jennifer Rodriguez Says:
    May,The pics are beautiful, your wedding was beautiful too, we had a great time. thank you for sharing.
  5. Evelyn Amador Says:
    The pics are sooo beautiful!!! I can’t wait to see all the rest of them.Evelyn
  6. Kristy Blanco Says:
    May and Ronald,The pictures are beautiful!! Congratulations!!
  7. Susy Says:
    WOW, how beautifull !!!! I loved them, incredible pictures….Susy
  8. Jeniffer Says:
    oh my god i just saw the pictures and i starting crying they are so good. oh my god i love them i want some of those pictures girl i wanted tp buy at least one or two they are glorious he is sooo good and you guys looks so cute and loving.Congratulations!


  9. Julie Says:
    May and Ronald,I love the pictures. You guys looked awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest, I am sure they are going to be amazing.



  10. Sonia Says:
    OMG!!! I’m so jealous!!! They are absolutely beautiful…especially the one of you guys outside the church, in black and white. That pic is amazing!Love them…
  11. Vanessa Says:
    I absolutely LOVE the pictures!! They are amazing….Alain and his crew did an awesome job! Looking at your pics truly shows how deep in love you guys are! I have never seen pictures as beautiful as yours! CONGRATS….Love you!
  12. Michelle Vega Says:
    Beautiful! I love the car shot.
  13. Michelle Vega Says:
    Beautiful! I love the shot of them in the car!
  14. Vicky Garfield Says:
    gorgeous as usual! love the car shot and the one with the veil in the air.
  15. Sandy Says:
    The pictures are breath taking… just viewing them gave me goose bumps .
    My favorite picture was of Mayleen and Ronald in the car, so sincere and in love . you do beautiful work … with that being said you had a beautiful couple to work with .
    I cant wait to see the final pictures . ( can you put a rush on them :) )love you May !!!!
  16. Lisa Padilla Says:
    Wow!!! Those pictures are Sooooo Beautiful. He really captured “the moment”!!! And what a great looking Couple!! :)………..Can’t wait to see more.Love you, Lisa & Papito
  17. Ivonne Says:
    This is beautiful! Wow, it was breathtaking, enjoy the memories and always cherish them.Love ya and thanks for sharing.

    you cuz,


  18. Rocio Says:
    omg i LOVEEE them!!!!! how beautiful… he is truly an amazing photographer