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Today I bring you some shots from Julie and Jayan indian Catholic wedding. A few details: church: St. Patricks, Reception: Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove, Video: Diego Pocovi, Hair and Makeup: Gloria Pelo, Cake: Ana Paz, Drummer: Ravi Drums, and of course pulling all these vendors together and quite a few more things the amazing team of Tamara Cohen TC Events. Ok here are the shots…



Who says I can’t photograph two brides on the same day, see below…




Here comes the bride…





Favorite shot of the day below…






After the Catholic ceremony she changed into her Indian outfit…




Little girl mesmerized by a slideshow presentation…


Ravi Drums. This guys was amazing. I wish I could afford him for a party, he brought the house down…


Some details…



I hope you enjoyed these shots. More coming soon…

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41 Responses to “Julie and Jayan are hitched — congrats!”

  1.   Julie Zacharias Says:
    Alain!!! These shots are amazing. I can’t wait to see the rest of them. Thank you so much for everything! We’ve enjoyed working with you immensely!
  2.   Kristie Kotlarz Says:
    Awesome photos. I know Julie and Jayan are very happy with the work. I’m so excited to see all the photos, especially the ones of the bridesmaids ;-)
  3.   Debbie Devassy Says:
    The pictures are gorgeous!
  4.   Christina Kanacheril Says:
    omg julie you look sooooo beautiful in those solo shots!! good choice with the photographer!
  5.   vimy Says:
    Such beautiful pics–probably helps that the couple was so beautiful though! :)
  6.   Beth Carson Says:
    What great pictures!Beautiful images of a beautiful couple and day!
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  8.   Lucy Says:
    These pictures are beautiful! Can’t wait to see more! :)
  9.   Charles Carmakal Says:
    Wow, those photos really look great!
  10.   Lissy John Says:
    Awesome pics. They are absolutely gorgeous!
  11.   Justin Zacharias Says:
    yo julie these pics are HOTT!! we got a cal test tomorrow but we know you wanted these comments and you are our favorite cousin lol paacee
  12.   Liju Joseph Says:
    Speaking as an expert photographer myself, i must say Alain, a job amazingly well done. Do you attribute these amazing pictures to Julie chechi’s natural photogenics, an amazingly expensive camera, or your superior photography skill? I would imagine it would be a combination of the three. Nonetheless, amazing. Julie chechi you look stunning : D
  13.   Susan Stephen Says:
    Alain, great work; although I have to agree with the other comment that the beautiful couple also make it possible to produce such fantastic pictures. You could see the love between them and you captured it for eternity. Yeah, these are Bragg worthy pictures!Julie and Jayan, you guys look faaaabulous!
  14. Jim Zacharias Says:
    Amazing pictures of an absoulutely stunning couple. The wedding was completely over the top from start to finish and you captured it for all of us to enjoy. Great job and great work!!! Julie and Jayan, keep smiling=)
  15.   Lily Says:
    Alain, you really have a knack for capturing the precious moments. The wedding was spectacular, and Julie and Jayan made a great choice choosing you to capture their special day. Congrats definitely to Alain for a job well done and to Julie, Jayan and their families for the wonderful celebration.
  16.   GloriaPELO Says:
  17. Sophia Says:
    The pictures look absolutely stunning!!! They captured your beauty perfectly :)
  18.   Silvy Mathew Says:
    Absolutely stunning pics!! They truly captured an amazing day–can’t wait to see more!
  19.   Punji Panicker Says:
    DAMN!! The wedding was surreal, but these photos bring back the moments so vividly. Julie and Jayan, you guys look very radiant!!
  20.   Tamara Cohen Says:
    Alain!! As always, the photos are awesome!! Always fabulous to work with you and Angie!!xoxo Tam
  21.   Michelle Vega Says:
    Aweome wedding! I love the shot of the drummer, the dog, and the bride by the window!
  22.   Nadine Kuriakose Says:
    Julie Chechi these pictures came out amazing! You look absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the shots turned out. =)
  23.   anna Devassy Says:
    wow, julie, you looks like the famous film star HEMA MALINIE ,and Jayan you are ofcourse our handsome nephew , the photography is wonderful, and if our daughter deceides to get marry in usa we will look for the same photographer
  24.   Bina Zacharias Says:
    Truly beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to see the entire set! They really captured the day!!
  25.   Jessica George Says:
    Hey congrads on the wedding you look really beautiful !!!
  26.   Janet Job Says:
    Amazingly gorgeous pictures!!
  27.   Chris Says:
    Good job with the photos! They came out great!
  28.   Lisa Taylor Says:
    Amazing photos for an amazing couple. Could not have been more beautiful!!!!
  29.   Amanda Jenkins Says:
    These pictures are beautiful, just like out of a magazine. You guys look amazing! Wish you all the best in the days to come:)
  30.   Abe Palamattom Says:
    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Pix of a Stunningly Gorgeous & Sweetest Couple!!! Captured the true essence of an Unbelievably Fairytale like Magical & Most Memorable Day!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pix!
  31.   suma Says:
    I LOVE all of the pics. You guys look amazing. I cant wait to see the rest of them :)
  32.   Nancy Says:
    Amazing pics….you guys look like Mr. and Mrs. Kerala
  33.   Jamie Says:
    Congrats guys, the pictures look fabulous, I think the drummer might need a chiropractor after that picture :P
  34.   Jaiden Says:
    Jayan and Julie : what an amazing portfolio of images to remember the perfect wedding, you two are both gorgeous, much love from Toronto!
  35.   Julie Carmakal Says:
    Absolutely AMAZING!!!! You guys look great! :)
  36.   Seena Chettiveettil Says:
    Awesome pictures – I knew you would get an awesome photograher who is able to capture the beautiful memories you worked so hard in creating!!!I sincerely wish the rest of your life together is just as beautiful!!!
  37.   Atul Kohli Says:
    What a wonderful wedding! Congrats you two! hope you enjoyed Hawaii! we missed you in Cancun!And love the pics!All the best,Atul
  38.   ninette davis Says:
    really nice pics.cantw ait to see more.julie you looked stunnign in both the outfits.good luck with everything.i had a great time at the wedding and samiara especially had a blast.send me a link as soon as more pics are put up
  39.   ninette davis Says:
    really nice pics.cannot wait to see more.julie you looked stunning in both the outfits.good luck with everything.i had a great time at the wedding and samiara especially had a blast.send me a link as soon as more pics are put up
  40.   jeemol Says:
    you are looking awesome, and the pics are really nice .Your are looking like a superstar ,as if I am watching a superstars wedding.I hope you enjoyed your trip to Hawaii.You both were looking stunning specialy you.The best part that I liked was your wedding dress.I am waiting to see the rest of the pics.
  41.   Joemom Britto Says:
    Julie really AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Wish you all the best