Hello bloggers….

Today I want to share a fun session I shot recently.  I had a blast shooting these pictures and the thing I enjoyed the most about it was that she took pictures just because.  I love clients that love photos and love being in front of the camera.  This gorgeous girl wanted to have a nice professional memory of her 20’s and I couldn’t be happier to deliver that for her.

I think if I were sixty years old and looked back at these pictures and realized how good I looked, it’d probably give me the energy to live another 40, and it would give me a sense of pride and fulfillment that would make these pictures priceless.  On the other hand, if I spent all my life exercising, and eating healthy to look good and didn’t have pictures like these to show my children and remind myself of it, it would create a tremendous feeling of regret.

Luckily for hotness over here, she’s got this covered and will not regret this in the future.  I wish I could go forward in time and see you looking at these pictures surrounded by all your kids and grand kids.  YOU LOOK AMAZING.  Thank you for this opportunity

My favorite image from the shoot below…

This session was a blast!!!

Give me 2 hours of your time in front of my camera and I’ll turn it into something you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

Everyone else, keep locked here for more hotness soon…