Hello bloggers… Have you ever wanted to go to Europe and not only have pictures other than self-portraits, but have AMAZING pictures that truly capture you and the beauty of what surrounds you?  Well now is your chance!!  Next summer I’ll be in Europe and I have chosen Venice Italy, one of the most enchanting cities in Europe to be the backdrop of your photos.  I’ve done Paris way to many times so it’s time to change it up and what better place than a city that has inspired so many artists throughout history–and also it helps that I know all the good spots hehe. This call applies to Quinceañeras that want to have the trip and pictures of a lifetime instead of a party, couples that want to do Rock The Dress or Engagement Session, or just anyone that wants pictures in Italy. If you are having a wedding anywhere in Italy I’ll be available to fly anywhere within Italy. email us for pricing information contact@alainmartinez.com Here are a few pictures from one of the most enchanting cities in Europe.

Pictures of Venice – This will be the backdrop of your photos

Below is a picture of Angie and myself in the famous Piazza San Marco amongst its pigeons

Wedding or Rock The Dress Session in Paris

Engagement Session in Paris

Quince pictures in Paris.

This is a no-brainer decision to having unique pictures in the most amazing setting vs having pictures locally similar to most of your other friends.  The possibilities are endless! I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed taking them there.  Europe has inspired many artists throughout history and I’m no exception.  I look forward to creating master pieces with you in Italy in 2014 email us for pricing information contact@alainmartinez.com