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Hello bloggers…

I’ve been itching to share this different and sexy engagement session with you.  Maggie and Rick came to me wanting something different (what’s new lol) so I decided to meet them over for lunch at Rick’s restaurant.  The minute I walked in I was immediately inspired by seeing them make pasta at his restaurant the traditional way with 50 year old machines from Italy, and the idea for the story was born: a romantic and playful pasta-making experience after a night of partying.  Most of us take these products for granted as we pick them up already made from the supermarket.  For me it was a real treat seeing pasta made from scratch and cut into the different styles (e.g., fettuccine, angel hair) with machines almost twice my age. It was an amazing opportunity to create a story.  Enjoy it!

Maggie and Rick, thank you for the opportunity to be creative.  You guys rock and I can’t wait ’till your wedding

I hope you enjoyed it.  Keep it locked here for more hotness soon!!